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Our Services

Lock opening

« Locksmith Nicosia» Service »

We undertake the quick and effective opening of house door locks (wooden, metal, etc.), cars, motorcycles, safes, locks, cabinets etc. 24 hours a day. We open all types of locks, as difficult or demanding as the process may seem, and we guarantee your safety in your business or home. With our certified locksmiths the opening of the lock is done without spoiling or damaging your door. If the slightest damage is caused to the lock, while opening the door, the door is immediately repaired by our staff. Whether your door is locked or shut behind you, we are there for you. As each door case is different, our expert staff can quickly identify what you need. Our modern equipment helps us to directly deal with any difficulty you may encounter in opening the door.

Lock Replacement

« Lock Replacement" Service »

If the lock does not work, we replace the old lock with a new lock. If the mechanism is worn out, we insert a new one, whether it's the door of your house or your business. We always ensure that the new lock is reliable and complies with the required safety regulations. We undertake the change of any type of lock for maximum safety and with maximum reliability.

Opening Car Locks

« Car Locks" Service »

Opening car locks can be either a simple or more demanding process, depending on your car model, whether it is older or modern. Our experience helps us to effectively open your car door with respect to you and your vehicle.

Key copies

« Key copies" Service »

We create key copies for you so that you will never be left… outside. Please contact us for key copies for house doors, safes, cars or motorcycles. We put special emphasis on immobilizer keys with remote control, taking into account your car or motorcycle manufacturer, always at low prices and with quick service.

Custom Made Stamps

« Custom Made Stamps » Service

We also create custom-made stamps for you. We have many different types of stamps from which you can choose the one that suits you best, including wooden, metal, automatic, pocket stamps or number and date stamps. Choose between different fonts, brands, or shapes (round, rectangular, oval, etc.) so that we can create for you the one that suits best your needs. Automatic stamps are the most classic and durable and are preferred by most professionals. After your selection, you can see the construction of the stamp, step-by-step, and, finally, a preview before its final creation. At this stage you can make the necessary changes to the elements or the form of the stamp for a final result that will satisfy you. The stamps are delivered immediately after your final selection, and you pick them up from our shop, always at competitive prices.
Your Professional Locksmith
Our company offers locksmith services in Nicosia and in the wider area. The know-how, the experience and the professionalism are the trademarks of our work, assuring you of its reliability. Our customers, individuals as well as organizations, trust us for the guaranteed Locksmith Nicosia services we offer, for the best result and the quick service. We undertake the manufacture of all types of locks, we change locks, we create copies of keys, always taking into account the safety of our customers. We also create custom-made stamps for your business or company. Our business uses state-of-the-art materials and equipment, and in combination with the expertise in our field and continued training, we give you the result you want. We make sure our prices correspond to the quality of the services we offer, while at the same time they remain competitive. You will find us in Larnaca Avenue 1, Aglanzia, Nicosia or you can visit our website for the map and directions. Do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day so that we can find the perfect solution to your problem.







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